New Season


Hi Everyone,
I hope you have all enjoyed your holidays if you had some or just your holiday from Futsal. Our new fixture is available in the fixture section of the App.

Our new season will be getting underway this Thursday night with a few slight differences.

- Games will be $5.00

- We have decided that fill-ins from other teams will be charged $3.00 from now on.

- Each game will be played with 20 minute halves with a 5 minute half time which will be enforced and then a 5 minute warm up between games.

- We’d like to ask that anyone not competing in the game being finished or the next game to stay out of the nets so that we can keep to our times and all get home at a decent hour.

- Our uniforms are here and if you have paid you will receive yours, they look great and it should certainly make the games a lot more colourful.
If anyone is unsure, if you wanted your name on your shirt it is $10.00 as the names don’t come off.

- From this Thursday Amy Chaplin will be in the kiosk in the foyer to take the money and we now have a coffee machine for coffee and we hope to provide some snacks as well.

We are also looking to start another night of competition so if anyone is interested or has a team that can’t play Thursday nights but would love to play just let myself, Eddy, Ronnie or Tim know and we will work out some details.. We hope to get a minimum of 6 teams to play another night.

The other option we’d like to investigate is a women’s competition. There is a number of girls/ladies that would love to play in a women’s only competition and if possible it would be great to make this happen. Again, if you’re interested please let us know..